A Sweet Chemistry Experiment
A Sweet Chemistry Experiment

A Sweet Chemistry Experiment

What happens when you mix four authors, a sketchy mountain house down a dark, curvy road, and a shit-ton of alcohol? You get the makings for a great writer’s retreat and some experimentation.

This gives Hemingway’s “Draft Drunk, edit sober” new meaning

In the interest of full disclosure, my high school & college experimentation did not include jello shots or other methods of disguising alcohol so that it slides down easy. Unless you count that one time at band camp…

Seriously, jello shots are amazing, but I’ll leave the creating of them to my niece. She’s the expert.

For this experiment, we need a good quality tequila, some orange liquor and a huge bag of gummy bears. Yes, gummy bears.

Take one bag of gummy bears and dump it into a bowl. Pour equal amounts of tequila and orange liquor over them until the little bears are covered. Soak overnight, or several hours.

It will be hard to resist, but I must warn you. If you don’t like slimy things in your mouth, do not sneak a gummy before they are ready. They are slimy, like hard-to-grab-hold-of slimy.

But after they sit for a while, about six hours is enough, they are magical gems of tequila goodness. Have fun!

Thumbs up from Caroline Lee and Reagan Phillips