A Wedding Anniversary For the Record Books
A Wedding Anniversary For the Record Books

A Wedding Anniversary For the Record Books

This year my husband and I celebrated 34 years of marriage. Our youngest was visiting between jobs for the month before heading to Japan. He wanted to go to Disney on vacation. So we scheduled and booked it so we could celebrate with the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Nothing like eating and drinking your way around the world. It’s like a massive tasting party.

In all the times we’ve been there, everything has always worked. Let’s face, Disney does know how to do it right. Well mostly. After a hellish day that started off with none of our park tickets working and hours in line trying to get it fixed, we finally got the word our room was ready. We dragged our butts in the heat and humidity, tired and cranky, unloaded the car,  and opened the door to discover a surprise: A Magical Anniversary package.

IMG_3180The room was beautiful. A dozen roses sat on the night stand. Petals formed a heart on the bed. Candles flickered. There were special towels, a basket filled with lotions and soaps, and an autographed photo of Mickey.

I looked at my husband. “You didn’t.”

“No I didn’t,” he said. He was tired and hungry. This did not bode well.

“Could our friends do it? The kids?”IMG_3181

“Not that I know of.”

We dragged our stuff into the room and went to investigate only to find the towels were monogrammed with Dan and Sue 2015. Poor Dan and Sue. He was trying to be romantic, planning this surprise for his lovely bride of 33 years. He was probably out having a nice IMG_3182dinner with her at this moment. He probably already popped the blue pill. ROMANCE IS NOT DEAD, PEOPLE!

“This is the wrong room,” I said. “We have to call.”

I called down to the front desk and told them what happened. Hubs settled in the chair. There was no point in unpacking or anything else for that matter until we figured out if we had the right room. We were hot, tired, and hungry. And I wanted those damn roses, and something icy with a lot of tequila in it.

The young lady from housekeeping showed up and surveyed the damage. She made some calls. The florist decorated the wrong room. The entire hotel was booked so no changing rooms. We had three together, one connected room with our son. Finding three rooms together wasn’t possible. After another forty minutes or so, they decided we could keep the roses and the petals but the rest would need to go.  Of course, I was finding the entire situation comical. This was such good book material.

Housekeeping gathered the towels, lotions, and autographed picture and left us the candles, petals, and the roses. (WIN!)  They gave us free fast passes for the whole group for the next day. WIN WIN!

We gathered the petals, a red rose and candle and took it over to the young couple who was traveling with us. It was her first time at Disney. We decorated the bed for them to enjoy.  Seriously, we are not the rose petal type.

But wait it gets better, We got back to the room after eating our way through the Epcot Food & Wine Festival to find our own set of towels, lotions and autographed picture.We now had the whole package to enjoy. The towels are nice, by the way.

We had such a good laugh over this once we were fed. It was an anniversary for the record books. Disney went above and beyond to make the rest of our trip magical. Those roses were so fresh, they lasted the entire week we were at the beach.

I just hope Dan got his chance for a romantic evening with Sue.

By the way, each time we got on the transportation bus, we were looking for a couple with Happy Anniversary buttons on and wondering if it was Dan and Sue. We never saw them while we were there, but I always wondered if everything worked out for them as well.