Eileen Richards


Hey, y’all!

I know that the About page of my website should be in the third person, but have you ever tried to write about yourself in 3rdperson? It’s damned hard and weird. Really weird.

I’m Eileen and I live in Savannah, Georgia with a crazy mini-schnauzer named Alice. My roots are in South Carolina. Went to school and college in the same town. The same town where I couldn’t get away with anything because my dad had coffee with the principal of my school every morning. The same town where everyone knew everyone else and chatted about it frequently.

I know a bit about small towns and the South.

My love for reading comes from my mom. Her genre of choice is mysteries and thrillers. She introduced me to Agatha Christie, Mary Stewart, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and many more.  My love for romance comes from fairy tales like the Blue Fairy Book, Disney movies, and my grandmother’s secret stash of Harlequins. I discovered the books in a brown paper bag in my grandmother’s bedroom during football season. I would do anything to avoid watching football.

Thank God for the library which fed my appetite for reading. Still does to this day. The library was my window to the world outside of my small southern town. Embrace your local library. It’s the doorway to an amazing world.

I started writing early in life. My sisters and I would write soap operas on snow days and record them. I wrote through school and completed my first manuscript in college: a pirate romance. It shall remain buried under the bed for the rest of eternity. It was that bad.

Fast forward many years of marriage, two kids, and a career in Information Technology and I picked up my pen again to write. This time as a second career. I’ve written historical romance and now I’m writing humorous contemporary cozies. It started as homework. I went back to school and I will graduate in 2024 with my BA in Creative Writing with a focus on fiction.

The themes remain the same. My stories are usually funny. They deal with family and friends. There’s murder, mayhem, and mess. I also manage to poke fun at things I probably shouldn’t at times.

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