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Dear readers,

Image by Mary from Pixabay

Please forgive me. It’s been since 2019 since my last blog post. It feels like a confession, and it is, of sorts. Life happened hard in 2019. I had started writing a cozy mystery that I pitched at the Moonlight and Magnolias Writing Conference. It was a change from the romance genre but not too far. There were dead bodies and bad guys and quirky protagonists. There was also the South and all the wacky we tend to have down here. I had two requests for partials which is good news in author-speak.

But one month later, my husband went into the hospital. The cancer had returned, and writing was put away for a long while. He passed away in 2020, right after Covid lockdowns in the US.

As many know, grieving during Covid was horrible. The isolation made the loss so much more painful. Closure was hard for the family because we couldn’t be together to say goodbye.

Lockdown brought its own set of trials, one being boredom. I can’t be idle. I need to be busy, or I’m dwelling on the sadness.

So, in true “Eileen” fashion, I returned to college to finish my degree in Creative Writing. It pushed me to write through the pain. It worked. If you want to see the homework assignment that started it all, click here.

I also moved from Charlotte to Savannah to be closer to family. Savannah captured my heart from the very first visit. I remember driving home with my husband, trying to talk him into retiring here instead of in Florida. Savannah fills me with inspiration and lots of plot fodder.

Going forward, I promise to post more. Future posts will feature author interviews, book reviews, and a view of life from a single southern woman on her own for the first time in a long time. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey. Thank you for all your support.it