Cover Reveal – Fortune’s Wish
Cover Reveal – Fortune’s Wish

Cover Reveal – Fortune’s Wish

It took me three years to find a way to write Sir John Townsend’s story and complete the series, A Lady’s Wish. Now as part of Fortune’s of Fate, I’m able to give John his own story.

Sir John was in book one, An Unexpected Wish. When the book ended he was given money and sent on his way to start again. This book picks up three years later. John has settled his debts, conquered his demons and is back in Beetham with the hope of winning the heart of Victoria Penwith.

Victoria’s heart proves difficult to win. Like the rest of his Townsend siblings, John resorts to magic for a way to gain Victoria’s love.

Here’s a sneak peak of Fortune’s Wish:

If ever there was a time for magic, this would be it.

Sir John Townsend stood at the bottom of a set of rough, stone steps—the Fairy Steps— and pondered his fate, his future, his sanity.

It didn’t matter that two of his three sisters had sworn that the wish granted by the fairy at the top —if you successfully reached the top— had helped them find the perfect husbands. They were women, prone to flights of fancy and nonsense. Nonsense that had no effect on a man of the world, such as he.

He needed a wife and his horse needed a mare. It was as simple, as plain, as complicated as that.

The stallion had the easy path. Valiant was a combination of fast and long, just the right height and weight, just the right chestnut color, just short of perfection. All Valiant needed was a mare in heat and he was done.

Too bad it didn’t work that way for humans.

The perfect match for Valiant was here in Beetham and belonged to Martin Penwith of Rosethorne. Same chestnut color, same build, but with more stamina. Penwith’s horse had beaten nearly every racehorse on this side of England. Watching Tychee race was perfection. Watching Tychee handle the crowds with a calm demeanor was exactly what John was looking for.

Mr. Penwith’s daughter, Victoria, had managed to breed the perfect horse.

Mr. Penwith had managed to breed the perfect woman — for John.

Fortune’s Wish is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo.