First Draft in 30 Days
First Draft in 30 Days

First Draft in 30 Days

I’m excited!  A group of us in Carolina Romance Writers are using Karen S. Wiesner’s book First Draft in 30 days to do just that.  We are signing on to follow the program.

I’ve been writing my butt off for the last week or so getting ready.  I’m chosing to finish Unraveling a Gentleman. I’m hoping to send my story out there to find a home with some publisher.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have discovered that I’m not a panster and am as anal in my writing as I am in my day job!  During the day I’m a database administrator which requires me to juggle many things at once at a very high level of detail.

Well I’m sorry to say it has bled over into my creative life.  I tried being a panster and ended up staring at the computer “page” forever waiting for my hero and heroine to “speak to me.”  Just didn’t happen.

I decided that I would revamp the plot and update the outline.  Once I started, I couldn’t quit.  Scenes popped into my head and I was able to put something together that I am working from.  So far its working well.

And I think I’m becoming better.  I don’t read what I write any more and cringe like I did before.  That first draft… God it was awful.  I actually feel sorry for the judges at the Royal Ascot for having to read the first few pages of it last year.   I wanted to fall asleep reading it.   I’m glad someone explained deep POV!

But there is still so very much to learn.  So if you have any hints, any writing books that might be helpful, let me know.  I’m always up for learning something new.