Getting Back on Track
Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track

It is almost the end of March 2011. How are you doing with your goals so far?  Me? Depends on the goal.

First, the good news: Accomplishments:

  • I submitted Unraveling and got rejected. I then put in my application for PRO status with RWA. I’m waiting on the pin in the mail.
  • I registered for Romance Writers of America conference in June and have narrowed down my workshop schedule.
  • I’m exercising regularly each morning at 6am. It’s killing me. I can hardly move, but I’m starting to see my creative juices start to flow again.

Now for the bad news…

I’m off my writing schedule and I’m not happy.  I have a day job (like all of us) so the only time I can write is in the evenings.  I don’t watch much television, but I’m finding it harder and harder to settle down and write each evening. There are meetings, time with the family, emergencies… You get the picture.

So I’m taking time at the end of this quarter to get back on track.  I’m going to set down a schedule and stick to it. I’m going to set some deadlines and meet them. I work better with a solid deadline. If if I don’t set a deadline, I will never finish.

Goals for Second Quarter:

  • Finish Edits on Gentleman.
  • Brush up on Grammar (Sharpening the Saw)
  • Rough plot for A Kiss and a Dare.

What small goals are you setting for the second quarter of 2011?