Lesson Learned and Release Day!
Lesson Learned and Release Day!

Lesson Learned and Release Day!

AmostinconvenientwishI have a confession to make. I setup the announcement for the release the last book in A Lady’s Wish on Saturday in between laundry, edits, texts from the family, and a sick husband on Sunday afternoon.

I used one of those post schedulers to save time. Who’s not busy, right? Stupid me fired the post a day early. Duh! I am an idiot.

So without further fanfare, Book 3: A Most Inconvenient Wish releases Today!!!

Lesson Learned: check dates BEFORE you hit enter.

Seriously, check out Sophia’s story where she truly gets what she deserves but with a side of happily ever after. I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun writing it.

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The heart has the best laid plans…

Sophia Townsend has watched both of her sisters find love and settle into idyllic married lives. But raised to believe that her greatest purpose is to advance the family’s fortunes, Sophia has greater ambitions when it comes to choosing a husband. She’s never lacked for suitors, but now she finds herself running out of time. Her last and best hope is Lord Bateman—and she has only a few days to secure his proposal.

Ian McDonald has long been a friend of the Townsend family and has watched Sophia with amusement over the years. A Scot and sheep farmer, Ian has done well for himself, but holds little social standing. Yet just as he’s realized his love for Sophia, she has set her sights on another man. Nevertheless, Ian is determined to win her. He a bold plan in mind, but when he and Sophia encounter one another at the legendary Fairy Steps, a most inconvenient wish is accidentally made—and neither could possibly guess the happy outcome…

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