Making a Plan in 2010
Making a Plan in 2010

Making a Plan in 2010

Well, it’s day 13 in 2010 and have I written anything yet?  No, but I have made some plans.

I have spent some time evaluating what goals I want to set for my writing this year and how I will accomplish them.   In deciding how to accomplish them, I am looking at scheduling writing time in the evenings and sticking to it.

I’m also decluttering my writing space.  It is just too much clutter to allow my muse to work.  My husband is in shock.  I never declutter anything!  But this weekend, I’m donating books to the library to make room for new ones and pitching anything that is blocking my muse.

I’m spending some time exercising.  I use it to listen to Jane Austen Audio books.  Listening to Jane Austen’s audio books has really helped me understand the cadence and rhythm of the language of the regency. I’m hoping that it will rub off on my dialogue.

I’ve also aquired two wonderful ladies for critique partners.  I’m hopeless at editing my own work so this already has been helpful.  I’m entering at least two contests this year: Moonlight & Magnolias and Royal Ascot.  I’m putting my baby out there for someone to look at and criticize.

2009 was truly a year of learning my craft.  I am hopeful that 2010 will be the year I do some serious writing.  I’m itching to put words on the page.  Even my co-workers can tell when I’ve not spent enough time writing.  I guess I’m cranky.  They can also tell when I’ve been writing as well.  I guess my emails are a bit more “proper” when I am.  Then there is the difference in spelling between the Queen’s english and American english. 🙂

What plans are you making to achieve your writing goals this year?  What advice do you have for me in getting organized and ready to write?  I look forward to your comments.