Reaping the Benefits of RWA National Conference
Reaping the Benefits of RWA National Conference

Reaping the Benefits of RWA National Conference

photoRomance Writers of America National Conference ended last night in San Antonio, TX. I did not get to go this year, but I was able to grab nuggets from some of the workshops via Twitter live Feeds.


Thanks to many generous and social media savvy authors attending the conference, I was able to pick up notes from several workshops on promo, conflict, and world building.  Of course, it meant watching the feed for an hour but looking at what I gathered! It was worth it.

I favorited those really choice tweets that I wanted to review time and time again, but for the most part, I just jotted down notes by topic, date and time. Once the recordings are available, I’ll purchase those recordings to complete the topics and catch what I miss.

Here are some of the  notes I gathered from Rita Award Winning Author Sarah MacLean’s workshop on conflict:

  • Conflict drives the romance by keeping the hero and heroine together, but also apart.
  • Take out any conflict that doesn’t bring the H/H together.
  • Insurmountable odds  are those moments that make your reader breathless.
  • Every resolution of the conflict (in the middle) creates further complications.

Here are some of the notes from the Promo workshop by Catherine Bybee:

  • Keep yourself visible without being spam. You can talk about reviews, cross promote with other authors.
  • Don’t let a week go by without being online some way, some how.
  • Sell yourself and your voice
  • Think outside the box and use your writing talent.

Here’s some notes from the world building workshop by Louisa Edwards:

  • Be judicious in seeding details for future books/characters in the series.
  • Start a series bible with the first book.
  • Plot points in earlier books become world rules in later books. Be aware of this
  • If you must info dump, have the most humorous characters convey the information.

Those are just a few examples.  The beauty of twitter is you can go back and look things up by hashtags and users for the most part. Sarah’s workshop had the hashtags #conflict #rwa14. Catharine’s had #promo #rwa14.  I also added Catharine’s name to the search to screen out actual promo.

It doesn’t replace being there. It brings out my inner geekness, but at least for one hour on a Saturday I was able to get a good jolt of craft information to fuel my writing.