The Call – Finally!
The Call – Finally!

The Call – Finally!

Every writer dreams of getting the call. That one-in-a-million call from a 212 area code (aka NYC). After about seven years of trying, my day came last month, quite unexpectedly. But isn’t that always the way?

The cell rang at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. It was a boring day at work. No afternoon meetings. Lots of people out. I glanced at the cell. Saw the 212 area code and thought, “Wonder who from my old job is calling me?”

My friends at my previous job sometimes called asking for references, checking in. Though rare, it wasn’t surprising. That it was an editor at Kensington was surprising.

Shock. Total and complete shock. Numb, I took the call outside, in the summer heat, where I could pace away the nerves.  They didn’t just want one book, they wanted the series. My response: “Seriously? You read it, right?”

My next thought was “Holy crap I have to write two more books and they are Regency historicals!”

I had switched genres. I set this project aside and started a contemporary series. I dropped out of the regency RWA chapter thinking writing Regency historicals wasn’t working for me. My voice was too contemporary. I am a walking, talking testament to Murphy’s Law.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s so exciting. I have a book coming out next year. It’s an ebook, but I don’t care. It’s a foot in the door. Once your foot is in, the rest of you follows.

Now I’m plotting. I don’t want to be a one-book-wonder. My next one has to be better than the first. Of course that’s not saying much. It needs some serious work. Not to mention all the mistakes I found while researching to prepare for Book Two.  Be careful what you wish for…. no seriously that’s the by-line I’m thinking of using.

The best part? The best part about the whole thing was sharing it with my writing friends. I love being part of such a group where we celebrate our successes.

I couldn’t get this far on the journey without them. I hope they feel the same.

The numbness has worn off. The work is beginning. Deadlines have a whole new meaning and I have a whole new name.

Let me introduce you to Eileen Richards, Romance Writer. Two words that are easy to pronounce. (Not like Pfaff).  I have a new look to the website, a facebook page, and updated twitter.

I’m Sandy Bruney reunion picstill little old me, just with a different name. If I don’t answer please be patient. I’m still trying to get used to someone calling my mother’s name.

Speaking of fabulous writing friends, thank you to Sandy Bruney for allowing me to participate in her blog tour.  She is a special lady and a gifted writer. Check out her website and her books.

Amy… oops! I mean Eileen


  1. DK

    Dear Eileen,
    You do seem to have a penchant for humbleness and perhaps underestimate your skill in writing.
    I am a reader ( attempting writing gives me hives-this reply gives evidence)
    who, upon reading “Wish”, realized you have a unique writing “voice” that needs to be heard. The first book of your series is quite fun to read and I am looking forward to the others that will follow.
    A Fan

  2. I don’t know you or your work, but will look it up! I found you through Sandra Bruney’s blog. However, I am always happy for a writer who has made the “big leagues”. Congratulations!
    Lila L. Pinord
    Author of four books
    Like you, one has been picked up by a traditional publisher after being self-published. Am happy for me also! (smiles)

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